0 final 3 - 0 Final 3 I. Structure a. 3 hours = 180 minutes...

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0 Final 3 I. Structure a. 3 hours = 180 minutes a.i. 1 1-hour a.ii. 2 45-minute a.iii. 1 30-minute b. The final is worth two times as much as the midterm b.i. If the midterm is better than the final, midterm is 33 percent c. Questions about nature of government, party alignments, etc, you need to give a few specific examples and cite aw wide range of readings II. Focus a. b. Party activists c. In light of the 2000 elections d. Freeman III. What is the methodology behind Tey? a. We must use current observations to make inferences about unseen circumstances. a.i. Hypothesize an X and Y. a.ii. If X is true, then we should see Y. a.iii. Do we see Y? a.iv. If yes, then X is true. a.v. E.g. how would people react if X had been true? a.vi. If people act as if X is true, then X may be true b. Let Y be the reaction of the people. c. This allows us to observe a pattern of results and then determine the cause IV. How do theoretical propositions relate to political history? V. How are culture and the economy related to politics? (Hough 261) a. The current assumption that economic issues are irrelevant to politics contradicts years of political philosophy a.i. The economic base of society often determines its culture, social structure and politics b. The lack of power of the federal government in the economic sphere prior to the New Deal meant that national political issues had to be largely non-economic in character b.i.
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0 final 3 - 0 Final 3 I. Structure a. 3 hours = 180 minutes...

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