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Architecture 3 - temple format stairs in all four corners...

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works with classical elements… if he hadn’t written a book and someone hadn’t written a book about  him, he wouldn’t be as famous worked outside Venice   city of good light and color work dates: 1550-1560 (mainly) balance and order, proportion understood volume introduced villas…palazzos still also popular palladium window introduced gigantic order of column: column running through more than one story *used 2 stories in villas instead of 3 like palazzo elaborate carvings on building (baroque) uses Doric on bottom and ionic above *used tall base with short column shaft (change from classical) Villa Rotunda symmetrical   center rotunda with four branches off *four different scenes for four different views (NSEW) response to several different means (family feuds, etc.) one of final projects for Palladio   brings together all of his ideas
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Unformatted text preview: temple format stairs in all four corners stucco over brick pediment and columns only asymmetrical component is the one staircase in the center Villa Rotunda, interior substituted frescos for tapestry his interiors full of trompeloeil (to fool the eye) imagesfull of 3-D elements and structural components Villa Foscari faces river contemporary symmetrical floor plan (axis horizontal) Villa Foscari, interior small architrave, detailing painted on Villa Barbaro central temple form with projecting wings only villa made of stone symmetrical plan (axis vertical) lining up of rooms is important gets increasingly decorative Villa Barbaro, interior garden and countryside scenes tarazzo (concrete with marble chips) floor with rugs...
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