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THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Indus Valley Civilization Great Bath Large public space built with regulated bricks 3.31 Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Valley (modern Pakistan), c. 2100-1750 BCE One of the first river valley civilizations Indus Valley Civilization developed around the same time as Egypt’s Old Kingdom A Walled City Two sections—an elevated section with larger, public buildings and a lower section dominated by private housing. Lack of homes that show any indication of power. There doesn’t seem to be an emphasis on a highly stratified society. Mesoamerican Art Pyramid of the Sun, Avenue of the Dead, Pyramid of the Moon, tablero, Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Palace of Zacuala 4.55 ceremonial plaza, Teotihuacán, Mexico, c. 100 BCE – 750 CE City is in a grid-like pattern organized around a main avenue that runs from the pyramid of the moon to the [look at powerpoint]. Aligned to the cardinal directions. The people that lived closest to the ceremonial center where the wealthiest; homes are larger, well decorated. Workers Pyramid of the sun and moon; both pyramids had temples atop them; o Pyramid of the sun; was associated with a creation myth; the pyramid is situated to the sun—on the summer solstice, the pyramid is situated across from it as the sun sets. Taller than the Pyramid of the Moon but identical altitudes as the P. of the Moon is situated on a hill. The Pyramid mimics the shape of the mountain on the horizon; 4.56 Façade of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Teautihuacan, Mexico,
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4Built_spring09-1[1] - THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Indus Valley...

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