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12ColonialIndustrial_spring09[1] - COLONIALISM AND...

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COLONIALISM AND INDUSTRIALIZATION French Romanticism history painting, Salon, 2 July 1816, Salon, Louis XVIII 11.20 Théodore Géricault, Raft of the Medusa , 1818-19 Subject matter o Is an actual event that happened; an example of a history painting o Boat called medusa—with an inexperience captain, who was of noble birth and good friends with the French monarchy. o On the way to Madagascar the ship was lost; the life boats couldn’t acomomdate the whole crew so a raft was built. 149 on this raft; only fifteen ppl were rescued from this raft; of the 15 ppl five survived. o How did they go from 149 to 15; Gail knocked pple off; mutiny; started to eat the dead; some point decided to just kill those who were dying How does he represent the subject matter o Chaotic arrangement of bodies o Some figures clothed/ others unclothed; unclothed are dead depicted as less than human o This might be the point were they have seen another boat b/c a few of the ppl are gesturing towards the horizon, where a boat is visible. o The only reference of cannibalism is the depiction of a bloodied axe o Gericault is painting a history painting but instead of celebrating the
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