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aba essay question- palaces

aba essay question- palaces - -Throne rooms for private...

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Palaces - Known by their later phases, but constructed in MM IB - Although all three of these palaces had residential areas, it is not certain whether or not they were inhabited by the elite. - Minoan architecture included light wells (small rectangular room open to the sky) that allowed for light and ventilation; many columns and pillars - Impressive entrances and staircases Social Gatherings o West Court was a large open area suitable for large gatherings; slightly raised sidewalks called causeways designed to lead processions and visitors to the palace’s West Entrance o Theatral Area- rectangular space with stone seats; good place to watch ceremonies o Central Court- central of activity; room for crafts, chores, meetings, and ceremonies o Spacious dining area suitable for a large number of guests, approached by a Pillared Hall Ceremonies and Rituals - West Court- ritual dancing and Harvest Festival
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Unformatted text preview: -Throne rooms for private ceremonies-Each palace had rooms for various cult purposes; for example, Phaistos had a lustral basin (a sunken rectangular basin probably used for a ceremony); Knossos had a Tripartite Shrine Facade-The Temple Repositories at Knossos that held offerings of pottery; the deposit is part of a ceremony in which ritual objects were buried-Palaces are associated with peak sanctuaries and caves that were religious centers o Knossos was near Mt. Luktos o Phaistos overlooked Mt. Ida and Kamares Cave Agriculture and Economy-Knossos is is fertile area-Phaistos is near the Mesara plain-Mallia is on the coast far enough east of Knossos to have its own territory o Storage Magazines- could be filled with boxes and pithoi o Koloures, which were large circular pits, could have been used for grain storage...
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