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- Mycenean period is Late Helladic period - Shaft Graves are the big bang- the big question- why are they suddenly so rich? Why so much gold? - People really disputed Schleimann’s finds- said it couldn’t possibly be prehistoric because too advanced - Arthur Evans excavated Knossos- said the Shaft Grave monarchs were Cretan conquerors of the Argolid (Crete was a more advanced region at that time, and there were Cretan artifacts in the Shaft Graves) o Contra: Although artifacts may have been made of Minoan artists, no info supporting the fact of Minoan colonists - Features of graves in Circle A and B could represent a group, perhaps from central or northern Europe o Contra: Chariots did not exist in northern or central Europe at this time - Oliver Dickinson- There is a shift in burial customs reflected in the Shaft Graves, at the elite level- the goods found in the tombs represent a shift in the ideology of death for the elite stratum; contrast with the limited hierarchy that we see in the
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