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Abu Simbel: Temple of Ramses 1250 BCE Ramses II, called the Great because of his successes at war and the general prosperity of Egypt at the time, built many temples and added his image to many earlier buildings. He built two temples in Nubia in southern Egypt to himself and his favorite wife Nefertari. The Temple of Ramses is carved entirely out of the cliff wall, with the axial way to the sanctuary a path tunneled into the cliff. On two days of the year the sun’s
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Unformatted text preview: rays penetrated to light the farthest sanctuary. The Aswan High Dam, opened in 1970, flooded the original site and it now sits at the bottom of Lake Nasser reservoir. The entire temple, along with the Temple of Nefertari, was cut and moved to a new above-water site. No longer on actual Nile cliffs, their settings are small artificial hills. University of Washington Department of Architecture Architecture 150 - Appreciation of Architecture...
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