Architectural History Final Exam

Architectural History Final Exam - Architectural History...

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Architectural History Final Exam Chapters 10 (227-241), 12, 13, 14 India o Dravidian (Harappan) o Siddhartha’s 4 trips: 1) suffering man 2) frail man 3) funeral procession 4) holy man o Vastuvidya/vastu-purushna - Indian understanding of architecture/science of architecture o mandala- pattern associated with God, an unseen, unknown force…selected by priests as the basis of a temple design or the layout of a city o pada- a section of the mandala o stupa- Buddhist monument…freestanding or rock-cut burial mound -anda/egg- the mound itself -mehdi- the base (usually square) -chattra- royal umbrella on top -harmika- fence enclosure around the chattra - astronomers told them when to build them o Borabudur- 6 square levels and 3 circular levels o Buddhist monasteries: -chaitya- assembly hall for communal activities, often combined w/ stupa -vihra- large rectangular space entered from the outside along one side & lined on the remaining three sides with dormitory cells o A whole series of the monasteries can be seen at Ajanta o At Sanchi , a monastery near Vidisha, there are three stupas -the largest had four cardinal gateways, or toranas , carved with guardian spirits and the miracles of Buddha o Brahman is the Hindu equivalent of God or allah (3 forms): -Brahma- the creator -Vishnu- the protector -Shiva- the destroyer o Pillars of Ashoka- tall wooden tower depicting Buddha…obelisks…lion’s heads o Freestanding Temples had a single chamber for worship (dark, thick walls) and a second cell called the garbha griha (brighter, thin walls) o The stupa complex of Borobudur (present day Indonesia) was built by rulers of o o Angkor Wat (Cambodia): Khmer Dynasty…building surrounded by lakes…rural society based on agriculture and water…didactic buildings, laid out according to the mandala… Angkor Thom- monument later added, horizontal & vertical axis
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China o Qin Dynasty o Xian Yangs Army: terracotta soldiers
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Architectural History Final Exam - Architectural History...

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