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Name: ECE433- Qaiz2 PUID: l) Given a boost converter with I/¡¡y=15V,VsrJy = 30V , C very large, Pour = 30W , and L = íttH. (i) For these conditions determine the minimum switching frequency to ensure continuous inductor current. (4points) fAn bOost (o,rtqn[en :- VouL ' y'Y =) D' 0'5 loa,t îesslma,3= fu -l-isrun =3oo ?oul --so V,= +; Kcn*Þ)= D(l-D)z ='9Yú., +(+\ ß is 136XTs f. > 315KHz {..m* = 315KHL (ii) Determine average values of the switch and diode currents under the switching frequency
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Unformatted text preview: found in part (i). (4points) I¡t =TL = 391 -- + l-D llz Tp =2ru ' 4â fVenage suriklr cürnirnf = +* ry ftt = LA l.r,nago DIocJs uttrurn!= 4^IM ' l.-A (iii) Repeat part (i) if the load is stepped to a value of Psuy = 3W. (2points) loa¿ P¿ssl¿m6 , R= @: goxeo' soorL Pouþ 3 K= U ¡ KcTihtot(D)=D(l-u)¿ fu-', i (.1) :) fs'3Í5MHe þ5[ x ts 1r** 7 3rllbl4Ì\z...
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