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HW2a - of at least 92 how low must the inductance resistor...

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ECE433, Homework 2 Due: Feb. 15, 2012 1) In the converter of Fig. 1, the switches operate synchronously, each is in position 1 for 0 ° t ° DT ± , and in position 2 for DT ± ° t ° T ± . Derive an expression for the voltage conversion ratio M²D³ ´ µ ¶·¸ /V ¹º . Sketch M(D) vs. D and compare with that of a buck and a boost converter. Fig. 1 2) The boost converter of the third generation Toyota Prius has a battery with a nominal voltage of 288 V which is stepped up to 700 V for the main traction system. The power level is up to 40kW . The switching frequency is about 20kHz . a) Draw a circuit that can perform the task. b) Design L and C to keep peak-to-peak current ripple below 10% and peak-to-peak voltage ripple below 2%. c) Assume that the inductor is not ideal and has a series resistance. To gain an efficiency
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Unformatted text preview: of at least 92%, how low must the inductance resistor be? 3) A buck converter supplies 10 volts at 5A to a load resistor. The input to the converter is 25V. The inductance is the value at the borderline of continuous/discontinuous operation. Switching frequency is 10 kHz. C is very large. a) Determine the duty cycle of the switch. b) Determine the maximum and minimum value of capacitor current. c) Determine the average diode current and transistor current d) Assume that we have 0.8V voltage drop across the transistor when conducting. Assume the same input/output conditions as above. Determine the duty cycle of the converter and the efficiency of the circuit....
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