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%% ---------------------------------------------------- %% EE650: Reliability Physics of Nanoelectronic Devices %% %% A MATLAB CODE TO STUDY THE STATICIS OF NBTI %% %% Written by M. Alam and E. Islam (Oct. 10, 2006) %% ---------------------------------------------------- % NoDev: Total number of Si-H bonds per transistor % m: Minimum number of broken Si-H bonds in a transistor that cause IC failure % % We will be using one of the three distributions (Normal, Poisson, and Bionomial) % to calculate the Cumulative failure distribution during NBTI degradation. % % 1) NoDev>>50 and m>>15: Normal and Binomial produce similar results. % MATLAB can not handle very large NoDev, however. Fortunately, the % distribution is so strongly peaked in this case that the average lifetime % does not differ much from 100 ppm lifetime. % % % 2) NoDev>>50 and m<=15: Poisson and Binomial give similar results. Here, we should % not compare with Normal, as this is only valid for very large m. % % 3) NoDev <=50 and m<=15: It is best to use Binomial distribution.
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NBTIstatistics - % % % % % % % -EE650: Reliability Physics...

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