w1BW6up - 8/24/09 1 1 Prof. Samuel P. Midkiff...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/24/09 1 1 Prof. Samuel P. Midkiff [email protected] EE 334A ECE 495S Fall 2009 http://www.ece.purdue.edu/~smidkiff/ece 495Sf09 Compilers It cost You Nothing (Yes! $0) to give us a Cal , We wil Contact you back No Exams/Books/Tests/Interview/classes 100% No Pre-School qualification required! ------------------------------ Inside USA: 1-718-989-5740 0utside USA: +1-718-989-5740 ------------------------------ Bacheelor, Degree, MasteerMBA, PhDD available in the Field of your choice so you can even become a doctor and receive Al the benefits That comes with it! Please leave below 3 Info in Voicemail: 1) Your name 2) Your country 3) Your phone no. [please include Countrycode] Cal Now!! 24-hours a day, 7-Days a Week waiting For your cal ------------------------------ Inside USA: 1-718-989-5740 0utside USA: +1-718-989-5740 ------------------------------ Our Staff wil get back to You in 1-3 working days Put 495S in the subject line, and I will try and do the same with mail I send Office hours are currently Tuesday 10:30 11:30 and Thursday 2-3. These may change. The course webpage and newsgroup will be where you should look for announcements, etc. ( search on sam midkiff to find my webpage, course page link is at the bottom) 3 The earliest analog computer was built around 100 BC The Difference Engine was developed in the mid-1800s Early digital computes were programmed using punched cards that were repeatedly read, physically reconfiguring the computer, and programming in binary Not all were Turing complete 4 Stored program computer Von Neumann, program is not modifiable Harvard architecture, program in data storage Programming language and compiler 5 Programming languages to write programs Hoppers A-0 handled link-editing chores, passing parameters to subroutines Assemblers, i.e. IBMs Autocoder, symbolic names for storage, addresses, instruction mnemonics Programming languages and compilers, Fortran in 1957, Cobol 1960 Algol 60 reserved words, dynamic arrays, user defined data types Lisp, 1962, first self-hosting language Simula, 1967,objects, classes, subclasses, virtual methods, garbage collection Pascal, 1968, first language with strong typing, managed pointers C, 1972, unmanaged pointers, weak typing and casts, could write most of an OS in it Smalltalk-80, first OO language called an OO language (Alan Kay, Xerox Parc) Java, 1990s return of interpretation, strong typing, GC in the mainstream 6 8/24/09 2 Fortran C C++ Java Text processing language HTML/XML Command & Scripting Languages Natural language Domain specific languages 7 Machine code Virtual machine code Transformed source code Augmented source code Low-level commands Semantic components Another language translate Machines get more complicated Pipelined processors, delay slots, performance dependences on instruction order and data fetch...
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w1BW6up - 8/24/09 1 1 Prof. Samuel P. Midkiff...

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