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hw1 - Execute and run them Turn in a screen shot of you...

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Homework 1 Due Friday, Sept. 2 2011 1. Watch the video from Week 1 showing how to enter a program using Eclipse. ʼ 2. Gain access to Eclipse. It should be on the ECN lab machines or you can install in onto your home machine. The course slides have directions on how to do this in OS X, there are additional slides on how to do this in Windows on the course web page, and Linux should be similar. 3. Mimic the video and enter the C++ programs into Eclipse.
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Unformatted text preview: Execute and run them. Turn in a screen shot of you running the program, by email, to [email protected] . You must put “462 hw1” in the subject line Collaboration policy: Unlimited collaboration with partners is allowed on this homework. Try playing around with Eclipse and entering some other programs from the text book to get more comfortable with it....
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