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hw0 - want me to have one for some reason just put that 3...

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Homework 0 Homework 0 -- Due Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012 Provide the following information on paper or in an email. If you send an email, put 563 HW1 in the subject. 1. Your name. 2. A digital picture of your self. This will help me maybe learn some of your names (I am terrible with names and faces.) If you don’t have a digital picture of yourself or don’t
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Unformatted text preview: want me to have one for some reason, just put that. 3. Let me know if you have access to a multicore machine and how many cores it has. I will be providing access to multicore machines but having access to your own may make life easier. 4. What department you are in. 5. What programming languages you are familiar with....
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