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ECE 563: Programming Parallel Machines last updated January 6, 2012 Spring 2012 Instructor Prof. S. Midkiff Telephone 49-43440 Email [email protected] Office location EE310 Office Hours 1:30 - 2:30 Tuesday, 10 - 11 Thursday, and by appointment. Secretary Jill Comer, EE 325 Course Web Page Prerequisites : Proficiency in C is desirable. Optionally, the shared memory part of the project can be done in Java, but the distributed memory part will need to be done in C unless you want to venture into the world of Java isolates , which may require extra work on your part. Text: There is no required text. The lectures will follow the book Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OpenMP , along with supplemental material I will provide. This book may be at the local bookstores. Additional References: Additional information will be provided from time to time. You will be expected to know this material. Some of this material may be at a tutorial level, and some may be research papers. Description: This course will enable you to write programs targeting parallel machines, using any of the three major parallel programming paradigms: MPI (message passing), OpenMP (for shared memory machines) and thread programming (for shared memory machines.) We will also discuss system architecture and memory and programming language coherency models, as these are necessary to develop correct parallel programs and to debug parallel programs when they are not correct.
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This is not a course in parallel algorithms, although you will need implement one or more parallel algorithms for the course project. Objectives:
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syllabus - ECE 563 Programming Parallel Machines last...

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