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Judaism(new) - 3 Israel in the Promised Land • Apostasy...

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ANCIENT ISRAELITE RELIGION and JUDAISM 1. Biblical Worldview Concept of God Creation Fall Redemption Torah Law Five Books of Moses Scripture Law Prophets Writings Way of life embodied in the Rabbi 2. Abraham and Faith Call of Abraham and the promise Leave your country and go to the promised land Leave your people and you will become a great nation Leave your father’s household and “all nations blessed through you” Trials of faith in Abraham’s life Sacrifice of Isaac: The ultimate trial of faith The Patriarchs Moses and the Law of Israel Moses in Egypt Call of Moses The Exodus The Law given by God Moral (Ten Commandments) Civil Ceremonial (festivals and sacrifices) Temple and Priesthood
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Israel in the Promised Land • Apostasy • Judgment • Repentance • Further revelations from God Beginnings of Judaism • First Diaspora (Babylonian captivity) • Return from captivity • Hellenization and Israelite response (Maccabean revolt) • Second Diaspora (70CE) 4. Judaism: Life outside the Promised Land • Mishna • Talmud • Role of the Rabbi • Jewish practices and holy days • Persecution of the Jews Judaism and the Modern World Jewish response to modernization, secularization and nationalism • Reformed • Orthodox • Conservative • Reconstruction • Hassidic Responses to the Holocaust 1948 Return to Israel Crisis of Identity: Who is a Jew?...
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