ps2-sol - ECE 468 & 573 Problem Set 2:...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 468 & 573 Problem Set 2: Context-free Grammars, Parsers 1. For the following sub-problems, consider the following context-free grammar: S A (1) A xAC (2) A B (3) B yBC (4) B (5) C z (6) (a) What are the terminals and non-terminals of this language? Answer: Terminals: { x,y,z } . Non-terminals: { S,A,B,C } . (b) Describe the strings are generated by this language. Is this a regular language ( i.e. , could you write a regular expression that generates this language)? Answer: This string is some number of x s, some number of y s, and then as many z s as x s and y s combined. In other words: x n y m z ( n + m ) (c) Show the derivation of the string xxyzzz starting from S (specify which produc- tion you used at each step), and give the parse tree according to that derivation. Answer: In each step, I have highlighted which non-terminal gets replaced. S Rule 1 A Rule 2 x A C Rule 2 xx A CC Rule 3 xx B CC Rule 4 xxy B CCC Rule 5 xxy C CC Rule 6 xxyz C C Rule 6 xxyzz C Rule 6 xxyzzz Done!...
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ps2-sol - ECE 468 & 573 Problem Set 2:...

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