AWP - Advance Web Programming B.N.N.College,Bhiwandi INDEX Sr.No 1 a b c 2 a b c 3 a b Practicals Date Sign Working with basic C and ASP.NET Create

AWP - Advance Web Programming B.N.N.College,Bhiwandi...

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Advance Web Programming B.N.N.College,Bhiwandi 1 INDEX Sr.No. Practicals Date Sign 1. Working with basic C# and ASP .NET a. Create an application that obtains four int values from the user and displays the product. b. Create an application to demonstrate string operations. c. Create an application that receives the (Student Id, Student Name, Course Name, Date of Birth) information from a set of students. The application should also display the information of all the students once the data entered. Create an application to demonstrate following operations i.Generate Fibonacci series. ii.Test for prime numbers. iii.Test for vowels. iv.Use of foreach loop with arrays. v.Reverse a number and find sum of digits of a number. 2. Working with Object Oriented C# and ASP .NET a. Create simple application to perform following operation i.Finding factorial Value ii.Money Conversion iii.Quadratic Equation iv.Temperature Conversion b. Create simple application to demonstrate use of following concepts i.Function Overloading ii.Inheritance (all types) . iii.Constructor overloading iv.Interfaces c. Create simple application to demonstrate use of following concepts i.Using Delegates and events ii.Exception handling 3. Working with Web Forms and Controls a. Create a simple web page with various sever controls to demonstrate setting and use of their properties. (Example : AutoPostBack) b. Demonstrate the use of Calendar control to perform following operations. a) Display messages in a calendar control b) Display vacation in a calendar control c) Selected day in a calendar control using style