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FinalExamSP2009 - EE301 Signals and Systems Final Exam...

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EE301 Signals and Systems Final Exam Final Exam Monday, May 4, 2009 Cover Sheet Test Duration: 120 minutes. Coverage: Comprehensive. Open Book but Closed Notes. Calculators NOT allowed. This test contains three problems. All work should be done in the blue books provided. Do not return this test sheet, just return the blue books. NOTES: You need only plot the magnitude of a DTFT over π < ω < π , but it is very important to keep in mind that a DTFT is always periodic with period 2 π . You must clearly label the DTFT magnitude plot requested and show as much detail as possible, clearly pointing out regions over π < ω < π for which the DTFT is zero. You MUST show all work and explain how you got your answer concisely but with sufficient detail to receive full credit. The unit of T s is seconds for all parts. cos 2 ( θ ) = 1 2 + 1 2 cos (2 θ ) Notes: Great semester! it was a pleasure having each of you in class this semester! I really enjoyed teaching 301 this semester. Good luck on the Final! Have a great summer! Final Grades: The final grades are due next Monday, May 11. It takes a while to grade the finals, get them recorded in the database, rank order every one, determine grade cut-offs, etc. Thus, the final grades may not be done until Sunday night possibly.
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