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101GROUPfSp10 - -conflict-emergence-reinforcement 6 What...

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Sticking together -- Group Communication Introduction to Communication, 4/26/10 1. What groups do you belong to? 2. What is a group? "individuals with varying motivations, emotional makeup and attachments, perspectives, and needs who come together to negotiate a framework for communication that permits collective action ." 3. Some characteristics of groups 4. Group networks 5. Stages of group development --orientation
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Unformatted text preview: --conflict--emergence--reinforcement 6. What can affect group dynamics? 8. How do decisions get made? 9. Group roles 7. What is group culture? "symbols, rules and codes that become somewhat standardized" 10. Group leadership--task leadership--maintenance leadership--contrasting views of leadership--trait--"one best style"--contextual approach 11. Group cohesiveness--Groupthink (Irving Janis)...
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