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101NONVsp10 - intimate conversations Haptics Use of touch...

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Nonverbal Communication Introduction to Communication, 3/8/10 1. Some characteristics of nonverbal communication 2. What is nonverbal communication? definition : nonverbal communication designates all those human responses which are NOT described as overtly manifested words (either spoken or written). (Knapp) 3. Kinds of nonverbal communication Proxemics : Use of space public conversations: informal/business conversations: casual conversations:
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Unformatted text preview: intimate conversations: Haptics : Use of touch Kinesics : body movements-eye gaze-emblems-illustrators-baton signals-tie-signs Physique-stereotypes associated with body type ectomorph mesomorph endomorph-dress-facial expressions Chronemics : use of time-timing-timelines 4. Relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication repeat; contradict; substitute for; complement; accent; regulate 5. The Rules...
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