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Citations for game - 70-74 Sagoff Mark “Do We Consume Too Much?” Environmental Challenges to Business Ed Joel Reichart and Patricial H Werhane

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Lloyd, Genevieve. Feminism and History of Philosophy. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2002) p. 83. Valdez, Sarah, Ghada Amer at Deitch Projects. In: Art in America . Vol. 88 Issue 9 (2000) p. 146. Robertson, Campbell. Gathering to Watch Their City’s Star Turn. New York Times , Tuesday, p 15, Apr13, 2010, Section A,. Gilligan, Carol. In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Development . Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1982. Molloy, Francis. “The Suburban Vision in John O’Hara’s Short Stories.” Critique: Story in Modern Fiction. Ed. Gerald Barrell. Dickenson Literature . Encino: Dickenson, 1974.
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Unformatted text preview: 70-74 Sagoff, Mark. “Do We Consume Too Much?” Environmental Challenges to Business . Ed. Joel Reichart and Patricial H. Werhane. Washington, DC: Soc. For Business Ethics, 2000. 106-16. Olsson Center for Applied Ethics . 18 Feb. 2003. U of Virginia. 4 Mar. 2003 < >. Palfrey, Andrew. “Choice of Mates in Identical Twins.” Modern Psychology 4.1 (1996); 26-40. 25 Feb. 2003 < >. Lever, Janet. “Sex Differences in the Games Children Play.” Social Problems 23 (1976): 478-87....
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