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Editing Test 1 McCormick Place in Chicago Illinois has been selected to host the largest most comprehensive lighting exhibit and conference ever held in the United States. This conference which is known as the International Lighting Expo will be held on June 14-16 2011 and is expected to draw more than a thousand participants. “This will be the first such conference ever held in the United States” noted the program chair Dave Kaplan “and we also intend for it to be the best.” Exhibitors are invited to enter their best new lighting products for judging in the “Best of Show” competition and all lighting companies are invited to compete for the “Energy Miser” awards. Entries for each award will be evaluated by an international panel of lighting experts and will be awarded at the closing session of the three-day conference. The purpose of this message Ms. Allison is to inquire whether your company would be interested in supplying a speaker for one of the sessions. Although your company would be responsible for all expenses we will supply a coordinator overhead projector and screen for each session. We can in addition provide other reasonable accommodations if arrangements are made in advance. If you would be interested in participating please call me at 555-1038 to discuss the details of your sponsorship of this important industry event.
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Urban Systems have just introduced WiteLite, an ultraviolet filtered, full- spectrum light source that combats Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression caused by the decrease of daylight during the fall and winter months. Marc Kaplan of Urban Systems announced the new product yesterday and disclosed that the disorder affects himself and ten million other Americans. The winter months can leave people starving for daylight. With just ten hours of sunlight possible each day for residents in the northern half of the country. The darkness can become overwhelming for some people, it can drive them to clinical depression. The symptoms of the disorder isn’t all that different from clinical depression, except that they are seasonal. Although depression is the more serious symptom, other symptoms include lethargy, a desire to sleep longer, diminished libido, seasonal weight gain, social withdrawal, mood changes, and anxiety. A possible symptom students might suffer is a severe change in their grades during winter months. If a student was to flunk their classes in winter when they normally get high grades at other times of the year, SAD may be playing a part. Students, in fact, are the type of sufferers whom are least likely to seek treatment. The main treatment for the disorder is straightforward. Either light therapy or more hours of direct sunlight is needed to alleviate the symptoms. Experts warn that there is numerous dangers involved in self-diagnosis. None of the serious symptoms is likely to be treated successfully without professional help. Mr. Kaplan indicated that questions about WiteLite can be addressed to
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Editing Tests-All - Editing Test 1 McCormick Place in...

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