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MLA Citation Guidelines Author not named in your text When you have not already named the author in your sentence, provide the author's last name and the page number(s), with no punctuation between them, in parentheses. Author named in your text If the author's name is already given with the material you're citing, you need not repeat it in the parenthetical citation. The citation gives just the page number(s). A work with numbered paragraphs or screens instead of pages Some electronic sources number each paragraph or screen instead of each page. In citing passages in these sources, give the paragraph or screen number(s) and distinguish them from page numbers: after the author's name, put a comma, a space, and "par." (one paragraph), "pars." (more than one paragraph), "screen," or "screens." A government publication or a work with a corporate author If the author of the work is listed as a government body or a corporation, cite the work by that organization's name. If the name is long, work it into the text to avoid an intrusive parenthetical citation. An indirect source When you want to use a quotation that is already in quotation marks indicating that the author you are reading is quoting someone else; try to find the original source and quote directly from it. If you can't find the original source, then your citation must indicate that your quotation of it is indirect. In the following citation, "qtd. in" ("quoted in") says that Davino was quoted by Boyd: An electronic source Cite an electronic source as you would any other source: usually by author's name or, if there is no author, by title. Never use URL for in-line citation . The Works Cited Page Books 1. Author . Use the author's full name: last name followed by a comma, , first name and any middle name or initial. End the name with a period and one space.
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2. Title . Give the full title, including any subtitle. Underline the title. Capitalize all important words, separate the main title and the subtitle with a colon and one space, and
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MLA Citation Guidelines - MLA Citation Guidelines Author...

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