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Unformatted text preview: Medical Ethics Fall 2010 Essay #3 Patients, Truth-Telling and Informed Consent In light of our recent readings and class discussions, write an essay on one of the following topics: Option A To what extent should physicians consider the wishes of their patients when treating them? If a patient wishes to know all of the possible courses of treatment (even highly risky options or those that have a low probability of success) for some illness or disorder that he/she has, should his/her physician respect such wishes by being completely forthcoming with the patient? If a patient wishes to have a medical procedure that is (in the opinion of the physician) either not medically necessary or too risky to be in the patient’s interests, should his/her physician respect the patient’s wishes by performing the procedure? Why or why not? Option B Choose your own topic dealing with some moral issue(s) arising from our recent (i.e., post-Election Day) readings and class discussions. If you choose this option, please plan to speak to me about your Day) readings and class discussions....
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