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Medical Ethics Fall 2010 Essay #2 Stem Cell Research In light of our recent readings and class discussions, write an essay on one of the following topics: Option A Should the federal government fund and support research into human stem cells derived from embryos that are donated at the end of a fertility project? From fetuses that are donated after an abortion? From donated adult human tissue? Why or why not? Are any of these types of stem cell research morally impermissible? Why or why not? Option B Choose your own topic dealing with either stem cell research, human eugenics, or genetic testing/counseling. If you choose this option, please plan to speak to me about your proposal in advance of turning in the essay. As part of your work in the essay, you should provide some analysis of the assigned readings
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Unformatted text preview: concerning your topic (if there were any), but I encourage you to make use of any additional sources (of reasonable scientific and/or philosophical quality) that you believe will help you present and defend your own view of the moral issue in question. In your essay, be sure to give attention both to the reasons that support your argument and to any potential reasons that work against your argument. A strongly argued essay will be able to deal effectively with both sides of the issue. Date due: Tuesday, 09 November 2010, in class Length: 3-5 pages; typed; double-spaced. Please keep a backup copy on disk. Do not use any materials, published or unpublished, that you do not cite. Anything said in class discussion is public property and need not be cited....
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