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Test2p1_STAT515Fall2011 - STAT 515 Exam 11 Fall 2011 Name 1...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT 515 Exam 11 Fall 2011 Name: 1. A national poll conducted by The New York Times (May 7, 2000) revealed that 80% of Americans believe that after you die, some part of you lives on, either in a next life on earth or in heaven. (a) (10 points) Consider a random sample of 10 Americans. What is the probability that five people in this sample believe that part of you live on after you die? URL XCW ”f AMW 4” W 90712 unto Maw 2504. 722» xossmu (ID, o.g)_ W o r 5— ?{X.~=§) : (it)? 0.8 I): 0.2 r-‘é 0-0264. (b) (5 points) Suppose that in a survey of 100 Chinese randomly selected from the Chinese pepulation, 64 said that they believe that part of you lives on after you die. Give a point estimate for the population proportion of Chinese who believe that part of you lives on after you die. Denote the population proportion by p. A WWW?» 7° W WW“ W“? vssw (c) (10 points) Based on the study described in part (b), find a 95% confidence interval for 1). Give a. practical interpretation of the confidence interval you obtain. Rem»): mp =é4(>/r) M ”32:35 (>10, as @1742 a: 95!“? (In) a New! zu as. tje “WV’Q- AM (019mm; M j)» 73 ”w 3409:. l; fill-fl): 1%: 2 (1ng igyé/BW % (0-5457) 0B4!) 7/35.! WEI? trifle; wove am of coyote/cf as m on W“ W‘ if CA'ne/yz Wit: Me SM MW 4km Ifia‘fiuea WM] fer/7 Mr 73.47 ...
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