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Critical theorists view power as a widespread, intangible network of forces that weaves itself into subtle gestures and intimate utterances. Power, as a discursive force, works to produce individuals who are in line with preferred ideologies Based on the writings of Michael Foucault, most critical theorists treat discourse as more than a shared system of meaning. Rather, discourse is a site of power, a site of struggle over competing versions of knowledge, truth, and the self Discourses often operate as a site of disciplinary power, surveillance, and control Jeremy Bentham – current models of disciplinary power rely on surveillance – constant supervision. Bentham’s panopticon is a design for an ideal prison in which inmates never know when they are being watched by guard in a central tower Modern panopticons are more technical in nature. Trethewey and Corman (2001) argued
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Unformatted text preview: that knowledge management systems , such as searchable databases, must be assessed using dimensions of inclusivity-exclusivity and trasparency-opacity in order to understand issues of ethics and control at play Table 5.1 A model for knowledge management Transparency Opacity Inclusivity Active consent. Example: technical support forums that use threaded discussions to share/collect problems, reports, and solutions Passive consent. Example: Data-mining forums that scour sources for discussion to share/collect info on relevant problems, reports, and solutions Exclusivity Technical/Behavioral control. Example: Notification of employees of possible monitoring of their systems and phone calls for training and quality-assurance purposes Panoptic control. Example: E-mail monitoring systems that are installed and used without employee’s knowledge...
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