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community of engagement

community of engagement - from Miami understand life from...

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Community of Engagement Thomas A. Dutton The lecture this week was all about a program Thomas Dutton has developed in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. Though most people have a negative view of this area of the city, the program has helped to better the community and give Miami students a new outlook. I grew up in an all-white suburb north of Chicago. I never had any interactions with people of other races, religions, or cultures. I was comfortable in my homogeneous village and never thought twice about what else was out there. It wasn’t until I left for college that I began meeting people with different lifestyles, values, races and religions. I have found it to be extremely fascinating since all I’ve known my whole life is Catholicism and being white. I think the program Dutton has established can really help students, especially
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Unformatted text preview: from Miami, understand life from different viewpoints and with a different attitude. It almost seems like a “study abroad” program without even having to leave the state. Being able to live in another’s community can forever shed light on personal situations. Dutton ending the lecture with the quote, “Seek out those who are most down-and-out so that you know how to live.” This can be taken in many different ways, but I feel this displays the need to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new and different. Stepping into new communities and seeing how their society differs from others opens the window to make changes in your own community, and with yourself as well. Dutton spoke about how friendly everyone was in Over-the-Rhine and that is something I would like to see more of here in Oxford....
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