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Case 2.8 - Boeing - her son-in-law She also indicated that...

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Dr. Terri Feldman Barr Business 101 January 20, 2009 Case 2.8 – Boeing According to the Freeman excerpt, stakeholders are any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of a corporation’s purpose. Included in the excerpt, is a figure of a basic two-tier stakeholder map. In the center is the firm, which in this case would be Boeing. Groups listed in the inner circle define most businesses; these are the primary/key stakeholders. The outer ring of the diagram includes another set of groups that could potentially be affected by the business corporation. Primary/key stakeholders in the Boeing case would include the following: owners and the government. Owners/Financiers, acting as stakeholders, have the interest in satisfactory return on investments as well as appreciation of stock over time. In the Boeing case, The owners/financiers in this case are affected because in court Darlene Druyun admitted to having given Boeing several contracts and price breaks in exchange for Boeing hiring her daughter and
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Unformatted text preview: her son-in-law. She also indicated that she had approved a settlement with Boeing that was too high. The government, usually considered to be in the outer ring as another group that could be affected by the corporation, in this instance can be considered a primary stakeholder. This is because the government in this case acts as a customer. Customers, acting as stakeholders, have the interest in fair exchange and value for money spent as well as safe and reliable products. From the Freeman article we also learn that companies in the defense industry have the government as a primary/key stakeholder. The government was involved in the Boeing case because they were required to not only take legal action, however, the Boeing Corporation does a significant amount of business with the federal government; therefore, resulting in the government acting as a customer....
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