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Case Summaries for 2/19/2009 Case 5.18 Beech-Nut and the No-Apple-Juice Apple Juice: Beech Nut made a contract with Interjuice Trading Corporation to but its apple juice concentrate. There were rumors of adulteration which is the addition or substituted use of inferior substances in a product, spreading about Interjuice’s apple juice. Dr. LiCari developed tests that showed the presence of corn starch and other substances in the apple concentrate that were consistent with the composition of adulterated juice. The results showed that the concentrate consisted primarily of sugar syrup an when LiCari shared the results with Lavery, Lavery did nothing. The FDA began an investigation of Beech-Nut and its products and supplier, but Beech-Nut was not cooperative. When the FDA was first notified, Beech-Nut had 700,000 cases of the adulterated juice; however, by stalling, the company as able to sell off some of the cases leaving only 200,000 cases.
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