Case Summaries for February 3

Case Summaries for February 3 - Case Summaries for February...

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Case Summaries for February 3, 2009 1. 5.12 – The Benefits of Diversity: Doug Daft, CEO of Coca-Cola, Inc. 2,000 employees for Coca-Cola filed complaints due to “racial discrimination” they encountered in the workplace. Coca-Cola entered into a settlement with EEOC in order to dismiss the complaints. The total settlement cost was $191.5 million (plus costs). As a result, a seven-member independent panel to oversee diversity at Coca-Cola was formed. This panel is also used to measure success. Former CEO, Doug Daft, gave a speech indicating Coca-Cola’s new commitment to diversity. From his speech, we learn that Coca-Cola values each individual and each community. Daft is quoted saying, “So our communication to consumers … their interaction with the brand … has to address their local’s needs and wants.” Key stakeholders: employees, consumers, communities 2. 5.13 – On-The-Job Fetal Injuries Johnson Controls, Inc., is a battery manufacturer. The primary ingredient used in this business is lead. Studies have shown that exposure to lead endangers health and can harm a fetus that is inside a woman who is exposed to lead. In June of 1977, Johnson Controls released their first official policy relating to women who wanted to work in battery manufacturing. It says, “Protection of the health of the unborn child is the immediate and direct responsibility of the prospective parents … it would appear to be illegal discrimination to treat all who are capable of pregnancy as though they will become pregnant.” The policy did not exclude
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Case Summaries for February 3 - Case Summaries for February...

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