Firestone Ford Case

Firestone Ford Case - Dr Terri Barr Business 101 Firestone-Ford Case In 2000 many catastrophes occurred due to the Firestone-Ford tread separation

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Dr. Terri Barr Business 101 February 24, 2009 Firestone-Ford Case In 2000, many catastrophes occurred due to the Firestone-Ford tread separation, specifically in Ford Explorers. By the fall of 2000, close to 90 people died due to this bizarre complication with the tire treads. By February 2000, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had received many complaints about the unsafe tires. As a result, Firestone was forced to recall 6.5 million possibly faulty tires which began on August 9, 2000. Shortly after the recall began, Ford and Firestone began to argue over which company was at fault. Ford’s CEO was quoted saying, “this is a tire issue, not a vehicle issue.” While Firestone argued that the lower air pressure recommended by Ford could have lead to the defective tires. Firestone’s executive vice president stated that since the Ford Explorer was put on the market ten years prior to the tire tread separation incident, there had been 16,000 rollovers involving the Ford Explorer. Less than 10 percent of these 16,000 cases involved tire tread
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