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January 15, 2008 Dr. Terri Feldman Barr Business 101 The World is Flat Thomas L. Friedman enlightens his audience in the beginning of his speech at MIT on how he has structured the layout of his book. Friedman begins by explaining that he has established three great eras of globalization for the world. The first era he calls the 1.0 era. This era began in 1492 when Columbus sailed West looking for a shorter route to India. This era ended in the early 1820’s. This era made the world go from a size large to a size medium. This occurred through the globalization of countries through power, natural resources, etc. The next era is called the 2.0 era. This era began in the early 1800’s and went to the year 2000. The world then went from a size medium to a size small. This happened because of the globalization through companies. Companies began globalizing for markets and labor. Lastly, Friedman explains era 3.0, which began after the year 2000. This era caused the world to go from a size
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