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Psychological Perspective 4 - Assignment Four COM 447...

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Assignment Four COM 447 November 16, 2011 Annotated Bibliography; Criminal Minds Barsam, Richard. Looking at Movies The Third Edition of Looking at Movies contains material on film history, film genre, and cultural contexts, and even more help with film analysis. Looking at Movies will be utilized in exampling the aesthetic elements in Criminal Minds and the distinctive evocation of elements drawn from crime, horror, noir, melodrama as well as soap and science-fiction. Chesen, Jeff. "The 'CSI Effect'—There's No Such Thing as Questions, Just Hidden Answers ." It's Evident : n. pag. NCSTL . Web. 14 Nov. 2011. <>. The national media began popularizing the concept of the "CSI Effect.” According to these media reports, the “CSI Effect” is influencing how jurors interpret criminal trials, specifically in their expectation of forensic evidence. Perhaps why the show Criminal Minds is so successful is that it lacks the “CSI Effect” aesthetic element and focuses more so on the motivation of criminal and not the forensic evidence. This article written by Jeff Chesen, Research Attorney, will be used to further argue the problem with shows like CSI and discuss the major problem with crime dramas - their exaggeration of forensic science’s abilities. Internet Movie Database. “Criminal Minds.” IMDb: Earth’s Biggest Movie Database. 1990- 2011. November 11, 2011. Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, televisions shows, actors, production crew personnel, and so on. IMDb is a helpful place to begin research especially regarding the background of the program, plot summaries, actor biographies, and trivia. IMDb is only a starting point for the final analysis and will
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Psychological Perspective 4 - Assignment Four COM 447...

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