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Technical Aesthetic Analysis

Technical Aesthetic Analysis - Technical/Aesthetic Analysis...

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Technical/Aesthetic Analysis COM 447 October 5, 2011 Technical Elements in Seinfeld Within every given text, in television, film, and so on, there lie compositional and technical elements that have a significant effect on viewers. To try and choose the most innovative show that aesthetically has reshaped the nature of other programs and left a lasting impact on viewers is almost impossible. However, focusing on an important favorite, commercial chartbuster, and cultural phenomenon, such as the American television sitcom, Seinfeld , the impact of technical elements can be recognized through the show’s strong and consistent compositional and narrative structures. The most important aspect of Seinfeld to address is the promotion that was behind the show in the 1990’s which was “the show about nothing.” The set up of Seinfeld is in the everyday life of stand-up comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. Given the nature of his job, Jerry is left with not much to do but hand out with his three best friends thus earning the show a reputation for “being about nothing.” However, Seinfeld casting itself as a “show about nothing” was a marketing and promotional success. This tagline associated with the sitcom was able to profile a difference in the marketplace among other comedies at the time. Sitcoms, like Seinfeld , are about character in action. The catalyst of action is provided by situations producing conflicts. So what makes Seinfeld stand out? According to the text Television and Criticism , what is special and genius about Seinfeld “is the way in which it deliberately foregrounds the quotidian nature of its dilemmas – its everydayness,” (pg. 96). Since the show lacks an agenda and has a simple set up, it relies heavily on the central cast being “judgmental, paranoid, mean-spirited, and distrustful when dealing with the world,”
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(Watching TV , pg. 364). The main characters, stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld plays the fictionalized version of himself, Jason Alexander plays Jerry’s short, cubby, balding friend, George Costanza, who mastered the art of convincing everyone he is a workaholic when in fact he does practically no work at all, Michael Richards plays Jerry’s odd, hipster neighbor Cosmo Kramer, and finally Julie Louis-Dreyfus played Jerry’s attractive, assertive, self-centered ex- girlfriend Elaine Benes. Seinfeld effectively was able to keep these four main characters
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