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The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent - Mr Aaren Yandrich English 112 March 3...

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Mr. Aaren Yandrich English 112 March 3, 2009 The Secret Agent Capitalism, an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations (Random House Inc., v. 1:1), has been criticized for generations. Capitalism’s conflicting economic system, anarchy, has been scrutinized to an equal extent. Anarchy is a state or society without government or law, political and social disorder due to the absence of government control (Random House Inc., v 1:1). With the two of these systems defined, I ask of you, which seems to benefit society the most? Contrary to popular belief, capitalism does not just benefit the wealthy. In his essay “Capitalism and the Common Man,” Walter E. Williams states, “Capitalism's mass production and marketing have made radios and televisions, vacuum cleaners, wash-and-wear clothing and microwave ovens available and well within the means of the common man… Today, the common man has the power to enjoy much (and more) of what only the rich could yesteryear” (par. 6). Capitalism is successful because it is based on the recognition of rights. Western Culture Global is quoted stating, “Wherever and whenever capitalism is instituted, the result is economic progress,” therefore, the more a nation embraces capitalism, “the more consistently and completely it recognizes rights —the more economic progress it achieves” (par. 11). Anarchy does not work in society because of the absence of government and law. Anarchy advocates “ voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society” (Random House Inc., v. 1:1). As a result, anarchy leads to total confusion and chaos. It has become apparent overtime that the benefits of capitalism supersede any outcomes as a result of anarchy.
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In the novel, The Secret Agent , which is a written by Joseph Conrad, Mr. Adolph Verloc, a secret agent, has a shop Soho where he deals in pornography and espionage. This is not Verloc’s only occupation. Verloc is also part of an anarchist organization and is employed by a man named Mr. Vladimir to carry out acts of terrorism. Verloc is approached by Mr. Vladimir, the
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The Secret Agent - Mr Aaren Yandrich English 112 March 3...

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