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Mr. Aaren Yandrich English 112 April 14, 2009 Ministry of Homeland Security It’s you it’s you it’s you I’m talking to Mr. Aversion to the version of “Medical kits medical kits where are those goddamn family medical kits?” Checking out the real situation of situational bric-a-BRAC sitting duppy-style for the conqueror for the can’t get me out of the race for the git ‘em! Git ‘em! Git ‘em! for the ricin in your rice-crispy treats
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Unformatted text preview: times the scrim in your scrimmage spectacle. Protective entanglement. Barbed-wire perimeter. Rub-a-dub bric-a-brac. Invisible checkpoint. Because barbed wire is old school & function [creep] is the key to Beckett in a handbasket & its for your safety, recorded for quality assurance purposes, & everyones doing it because it was meant to be [productive but]....
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