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Frieda Mae Jones Case - Management 291 Frieda Mae Jones...

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Management 291 January 26, 2011 Frieda Mae Jones Case The Frieda Mae Jones Case is a prime example of the struggles a woman, in particular an African American woman, has been forced to face in trying to climb up the corporate ladder in America. Frieda’s struggles began as a child and were far from over as she was emerging as a professional in the banking world. While working at the Industrial World Bank of Boston, she felt insignificant and unappreciated by her boss, Stan Luboda. Frieda felt as though the treatment from her boss was interfering with her potential progress within the company. Luboda treated Jones as though she was a juvenile constantly needing assistance from other employees in the company rather than treating her as the intelligent and capable professional that she was. Not only was the treatment from Luboda and some of the other employees at the bank racially biased but it was sexually biased as well. Feeling as though her current situation was going to have a large impact on her future career advancement, Frieda decided to speak to Luboda about his treatment of her in September 2000. When Frieda expressed to her boss that she felt she was being treated differently, he told her she was being too sensitive. Frieda compared herself to Paul Koehn, another employee at the bank who started around the same time as Jones. Koehn was already handling accounts by himself. Luboda’s explanation for this was that he was giving different responsibilities to Koehn and Jones based upon their talents and where they would excel the most. However, Luboda was giving Koehn the more visible, customer contact assignments and Frieda was being assigned the behind-the-scenes running of the operations. The root cause of Luboda’s treatment of Frieda was expressed in their discussion. Luboda stated,
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“When we speak to customers, we need to gain their confidence, and we put the best people for the job in the positions to achieve that end. If we don’t get their confidence, they can go down the street to our competitors and do business with them. Their services are not different than ours. It’s a competitive business in which you need every edge you
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Frieda Mae Jones Case - Management 291 Frieda Mae Jones...

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