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Babbitt worksheet - AMS 206 Reading Worksheet Babbitt 1....

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AMS 206 Reading Worksheet – Babbitt 1. How does Lewis present George Babbitt? What does he value? What does he believe in? What personal dilemmas does he face? Specifically, what keywords and images does Lewis use to describe Babbitt? In the beginning, Lewis presents George Babbitt as a family man. Babbitt values modern conveniences such as his alarm clock and values mass-produced suits and shoes. In the first chapter, when Babbitt and his family are in the kitchen having breakfast, his daughter, Tinka, is eating heavily sugared cereal. In this scene, as readers we learn that this displeases Babbitt as he has lately been highly concerned with the health of his family. Babbitt enjoys spending nights drinking illegal home-brewed beer, smoking, and playing poker. Lewis describes Babbitt’s inconsistencies – for example, his frequent inconsistencies in trying to quit smoking. Babbitt and his wife, Myra, yearn to move into the high class of the McKelvey’s. While Myra wants to be invited to their lavish parties, Babbitt criticizes them; however, as readers we know that he is criticizing the McKelvey’s in order to defend his ego. While talking with a gas station attendant, Babbitt states his desire for a solid "business administration." Babbitt has an obsession with material objects – for example, his car which represents "poetry
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Babbitt worksheet - AMS 206 Reading Worksheet Babbitt 1....

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