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January 13, 2011 AMS 206 Summary While reading Paul Lauter’s “Reconfiguring Academic Disciplines: The Emergence of American Studies,” From Walden to Jurassic Park, the main point is the progression American Studies has made both in the United States and internationally. In the beginning, Lauter differentiates English from American Studies. The main difference is that English focuses on the actual text – the plot, characters, themes, and aesthetic tactics; while, American Studies sets itself apart from traditional discipline. American Studies focuses on historical, economic, marketing, and technological issues while being concerned with mass culture, the media and its institutions, the politics of communications, and academic conventions and discourses. Within Lauter’s work, he discusses 5 principles of American Studies. These principles suggest how distinct American Studies has become from influences such as history, English, art history, and anthropology. The five principles are: 1. Focus less on qualities and structure of a text and more on why it has emerged and the different forms of the production. 2. The importance of textuality – how language and form reveal what an argument veils or how imagery and details reinforce or contradict a writer’s ideas. 3. American Studies has become comparative and global in outlook, focusing on cultural, social, and geographic aspects of new individual and group identities. 4. “Hegemony” – How particular groups gain authority over political and cultural life in a state and how they respond to challenges. 5. American Studies is part of a wave of interdisciplinary programs. Lauter make it clear towards the end of this section that majority of the focus of American Studies has been on how it is practiced in the United States but he makes it clear that American Studies has been spreading internationally. This represents the intellectually and institutional components of American Studies. Finally, Lauter provides some insight on how American Studies can continue to be successful. American Studies must be thought of in
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hemispheric terms, that is, it must offer both interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives on the United States as well as comparative perspectives on the peoples and cultures of the Americas. Emily Woodward COM 447 Dr. Ronald Scott December 12, 2011 Final Critical Analysis: Criminal Minds American police drama, Criminal Minds , premiered on September 22, 2005 on CBS. The hit television show focuses around a n influential group of FBI behavioral analysis profilers who investigate the nation's most precarious criminal minds in an attempt to anticipate the criminal’s next moves before he/she strike again. Criminal Minds is unlike any other crime drama. Fortunately, this show strays away from the crime drama norm of the clichéd, disdainful, routine law enforcement themed shows prevalent on cable television. The show encompasses exceptional acting and well written scripts thereby breaking the mold of prior
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Summary 1 - AMS 206 Summary While reading Paul...

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