Syllabus ENT3003 - SYLLABUS Spring 2012 Course Title: Live...

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SYLLABUS Spring 2012 Course Title: ENT 3003 - Principles of Entrepreneurship Live Location: Course Web Site: Sakai Instructor: William J. Rossi Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship Tel: (352) 273-0334 E-Mail: [email protected] Students Invited: All undergraduate students Text: Launching New Venture ; 6 th Edition; By: Kathleen R. Allen. ISBN 978-0-538-48179-3 The class notes are available online on the Sakai site, from Florida Bookstore and from Target. Teaching Assistants: To be posted on Web site Course Objectives: 1. Explore the entrepreneurial mindset and culture that has been developing in companies of all sizes in virtually every industry. 2. Examine the entrepreneurial process involved in both pursuing an entrepreneurial venture within a large company and the creating and managing a new enterprise for implementation of an entrepreneurial venture. 3. Discuss the dynamics of participating on a business team and the power inherent in a team relative to individual effort. 4. Provide the background and tools necessary to understand and participate in the entrepreneurial process within a large company, in a new venture or as an investor. Course Overview: A new paradigm has emerged in both business and the economy as a result of the advent of the Internet, subsequent improvements in bandwidth and the resultant widespread use of the Internet. This new paradigm, however, is different from that envisioned and widely touted in the dot-com days of the late 1990’s. Rather, it involves great leaps in the application of new technology in business, advances in productivity previously unheard-of but now commonly accepted and rapid changes in markets consistent with the volume of freely available information.
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Entrepreneurs have started new ventures for generations. Success was more a function of tenacity and a measure of how good was the idea
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Syllabus ENT3003 - SYLLABUS Spring 2012 Course Title: Live...

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