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CLG Topic 11 - Topic 11 Handout Two Way Analysis of...

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Two Way Analysis of Variance Learning Goals: (1) Learn how to analyze two factors in ANOVA; (2) Understand and be able to properly interpret interactions. 11.1 Pages 2 and 3 show six possible interaction plots for an analysis of drug effectiveness for both men and women. Interpret each plot in terms of interactions or main effects as appropriate. You should both effect sizes and types of interactions as applicable. 11.2 (Based on problem 19.5 in the text). Random samples of 100 persons awaiting trial on felony charges were selected from rural, urban, and suburban court locations in both Indiana and Arkansas. (The total sample size is therefore 600). a. Complete the ANOVA table below: SOURCE DF SS MS F State ___ 486 ____ ____ Location ___ 826 ____ ____ State*Location ___ ____ ____ ____ Error ___ ____ 2.5 Total ___ 2845 b. Test for the interaction effect and both main effects. c. Produce an interaction plot based on the means given in the table below: Rural Arkansas: Mean = 3.4 Rural Indiana: Mean = 2.4 Suburban Arkansas: Mean = 5.8 Suburban Indiana: Mean = 3.5 Urban Arkansas: Mean = 6.8 Urban Indiana: Mean = 4.7 d. Based on the means and/or your plot, indicate the effect sizes (estimated differences between states and estimated differences between locations) Does the interaction seem to be highly important? e.
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CLG Topic 11 - Topic 11 Handout Two Way Analysis of...

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