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Homework 1-1 - STAT 502 Assignment#1 Coverage KKMN Chapters...

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STAT 502 – Assignment #1 Coverage: KKMN Chapters 1-3 Name: ____________________________ SCORE: ____ of 30 Instructions : Although I do encourage you to work together both in and outside of class, remember that collaboration on homework problems should be minimal and everyone should create their own set of solutions. The only exception for this is the SAS problems starting with Assignment #2, further instructions will be given then! For all assignments in this class, please remember that neatness matters ! Except for problems that require lots of hand-calculations, you should generally type your solutions. Please do the problems in order, and provide plots / graphs / equations as needed and within the solution to the problem (DO NOT include appendices or spam me with SAS output, if either is the case you will be given a 0 for that portion). Please use complete sentences and/or show work as necessary. Answers that are not supported by appropriate reasoning will not be graded. All problems are from KKMN, 4 th ed. unless otherwise noted. Lastly, there are additional “non-required” problems listed at the end of each assignment that you may want to review. The assignments are meant as a review of in class learning – so you shouldn’t be spending great amounts of time on any one problem. If you have questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( [email protected] ) or come to office hours. #1.
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Homework 1-1 - STAT 502 Assignment#1 Coverage KKMN Chapters...

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