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STAT 502 – Assignment #4 Coverage: KKMN Chapter 9 Name: ____________________________ SCORE: ____ of 40 Homework Problems—These should be done individually! Please note that HW problems generally do not require SAS coding. #1. (6 points) KKMN Problem 9.02. #2. (4 points) KKMN Problem 9.03. #3. (6 points) KKMN Problem 9.07, don’t do part f. #4. (4 points) KKMN Problem 9.08. #5. (5 points) KKMN Problem 9.11 Optional Problems: All other problems from Chapter 9. SAS Problems (You may work in CLGs on these problems and submit one solution set per group) #6. (15 points) In 1982, the first state-by-state average Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores were published. It was observed that there was a large amount of variation between the states, and so we would like to investigate the reasons for that variation. We have already considered this data set from a SLR perspective back in Topic 2. The data set ‘sat.dat’ found on the website contains a column for each state name, the state average for total SAT, and six explanatory variables:
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