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1 STAT 511-2 Spring 2012 Jan 9, 2012 Jun Xie 1. Go over the course syllabus and confirm the midterm schedules and office hours. Ch 1 Introduction and Descriptive Statistics Statistics is the science of understanding data and of making decisions in the face of variability and uncertainty. Populations and samples A simple random sample of n items is a sample such that every member of the population has the same chance of being chosen the choices are independent of one another Example Use excel to randomly sample 10 students from the class roster. In excel, the function is named “randbetween()”. Example 4 An article in the New York Times (Jan. 27, 1987) reported that heart attack risk could be reduced by taking aspirin. This conclusion was based on a designed experiment involving both a control group of individuals that took a placebo having the appearance of aspirin but known to be inert and a treatment group that took aspirin according to a specified regimen. Subjects were randomly assigned to the groups to protect against any biases and so that probability-
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post1 - STAT 511-2 Spring 2012 J a n 9, 2012 Jun Xie 1. Go...

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