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Homework0 - Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 0 Homework 0(not to be...

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Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 0 1 Homework 0 (not to be handed in) due Jan. 13 1. Find a computer that has SAS installed on it. You can use any ITaP computer lab with your “career account”. To install SAS on your home or lab computer, go to STEW G65 and show your student ID to get the CDs. It does take a lot of disk space to install. 2. Read the first two chapters of Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language by Cody and Smith. Make sure you can do the problems at the end of each chapter. 3. Go to the class we page (SAS) and locate the file “diamonds.sas” . Save this file to your computer. 4. Start up the SAS program, by double-clicking on the diamonds.sas file (you can also start SAS from the All Programs menu and use File Open). Get familiar with the layout of the windows, menus, and editing capabilities. Try the tutorial under Help -- Getting Started with SAS Software. Depending on your comfort level with computers, it may be useful to go through the entire tutorial. Make sure you can find the Program (Editor), Output, and Log windows.
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