Homework5 - Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 5 Homework 5(25.5 pts...

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Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 5 1 Homework 5 (25.5 pts.) due Feb. 24 A reminder – Please do not hand in any unlabeled or unedited SAS output. Include in your write-up only those results that are necessary to present a complete solution (what you want the grader to grade). In particular, questions must be answered in order (including graphs), and all graphs must be fully labeled (main title should include the question number, and all axes should be labeled). Don’t forget to put all necessary information (see course policies) on the first page. Include the SAS input for all questions at the very end of your homework; this could be important even though it won’t be graded. You will often be asked to continue problems on successive homework assignments so save all your SAS code. The following problems are a continuation of Problem 3 in HW 4. Consider the data set from Problem 6.18, p. 251 about “Commercial Properties” (CH06PR18.DAT) which describes a data set (n = 81) used to evaluate the relation because rental rates (Y) and the age of the unit (X 1 ), operating expenses and taxes (X 2 ), vacancy rates (X 3 ), total square footage (X 4 ). 1. (12 pts.) This problem relates to material described in Chapter 6 about multiple regression. (a) Run the multiple linear regression with age, operating expenses, vacancy rates and total square footage as the explanatory variables and rental rate as the response variable. From the data from the last problem set, finish the summary of the regression results by giving the values of R 2 and the adjusted R 2 . (b) Interactively generate a scatter plot for the response variable with the four explanatory variables. From this information, do you think that a linear model is appropriate? Do you think that there are any correlations between the explanatory variables? (c) Is the response variable correlated with any of the explanatory variables? From this
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Homework5 - Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 5 Homework 5(25.5 pts...

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