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Stat 513 Exam II Spring 2009

Stat 513 Exam II Spring 2009 - 7 When must a p-chart be...

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Stat 513 Exam II Spring 2009 ___________ ______________ name 1. ISO 9000:2008 regulations state that the Quality management system must meet _____________________, _________________________ and ________________________ requirements. 2. In ISO 9000:2008, management must maintain (name two of the three things): 3. If I wanted to calculate % noncompliant material given Cpk, you would have to 4. Inadequate measurement units become an issue when 5. Is there a difference between XmR and AMA charts and if so, what? 6. The u-chart assumes what underlying distribution?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. When must a p-chart be used instead of an np-chart? 8. For attributes charts, as the rate of defects decreases, you must increase what? 9. Give exactly one example of when you would change a process. 10. Which individuals in an organization don’t get continuous employee training? 11. An Acceptance Sampling Plan is defined by _________________, _________________ and __________________________ . 12. When is the Producers Risk equal to zero?...
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