Stat 513 Fall 2007 - factor in deciding which defect to...

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Stat 513 Fall 2007 Midterm I ______________________ name 1. With a distribution function skewed to the right, which is the most appropriate measure of location? 2. The presence of an out of control point indicates the presence of __________ _____________ 3. Name two (and ONLY two) uses of flow charts. Penalties for more. 4. Can a histogram tell you if a single process is out of control? (16 words max). 5. Why do Shewhart’s three sigma limits make sense? (16 word max). 6. If one had 10 ,000 observations from a process, what would be the best way to estimate the proportion of defects the process was producing)? (16 words max) 7. Once one has constructed a Pareto chart, what is the single most important
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Unformatted text preview: factor in deciding which defect to correct first? (one word should be enough). 8. On what basis was it concluded that lack of normality was not important in the use of control charts? (no more than ten words, but two would probably be enough). 9. Why is it important to have a program of continuous training and self improvement for everyone in an organization? ( no more than 25 words). 10. A data set consisting of 44 subgroups of size n=2 has a Grand Average of 936.08 units, and an Average Range of 27.84 units. Compute control limits for an Average and Range Chart....
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Stat 513 Fall 2007 - factor in deciding which defect to...

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